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Professional Warrington Ant Infestation Removal

Are you a private household or business struggling with an ongoing infestation issue and looking for ant removal? Young’s Pest Control can offer you the professional and thorough ant treatment service that you require. Our highly trained staff will tackle all manner of ant issues including:

1.  Ant infestation in house
2. A flying ant infestation
3. Ant colony’s in walls and under floors

And many more!!

We are here to help.

In the UK we have a number of species of ant that are known to cause problems. The most common ant seen is known as the black ant or garden ant. Prevalent in gardens and outbuildings this critter is often found in the walls and under floors of buildings in large numbers.

Surprisingly the UK also hosts several species of tropical ant – The Pharaoh, Ghost and Argentine.

These are known to be a potential public health issue as they:

1. Carry germs form dirty places in to clean food preparation areas
2. Transport themselves via the human populous to new nest sites
3. Become allusive and difficult to find.

The above species are some of the most challenging to eradicate and professional help is an absolute must. It is often very difficult to find the nest and they readily set up new nests when the old is outgrown.

Our professional treatments will ensure that the right areas are targeted, and we will return to ensure that the issue is resolved before we consider the job done.

Attracted to food Garden Ants will often build nests near to the source and this is when they can become a notable problem. You are likely to see them on worktops, skirting boards and inside cupboards. The ants themselves can carry significant contaminants on their bodies, meaning that any food or drink stuff they come into contact with is a potential hazard.

We will target our treatments to the specific species of ant you have whilst ensuring that your family or office remain undisturbed and more importantly safe.

We also advise with regards to the aftercare of your property. Once the infestation has been dealt with we will be able to offer support into how to prevent a similar outbreak again. Perhaps the most obvious cause of most infestations is food. Ensuring that food and drink is well covered and stored is vital. If ants can’t find it or smell it they won’t come.

We know that ant infestation in house or office can be a miserable experience, be that a flying ant infestation or a simple common garden ant issue. Whatever your problem you can rest assured that our ant treatment and Warrington ant infestation removal services will put your home or office back in your hands.

Please call us today to discuss your specific requirements. We offer a fast and reliable service with a no obligation quote 24 hours a day 7 days of the week.

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