Warrington Bumble Bee Removal

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Bumble bee control isn’t always necessary, our native bumble bee, for instance can be docile and so, it may be that no action is required if they are nesting on your property. There is, however, a new boy in town who is far more aggressive than our beloved resident bumble bee, the tree bumble bee. Tree bumble bees have found their way from Continental Europe to our shores and have proven themselves a force to be reckoned with in the decade that they have been here. They are extremely assertive, and will protect their nest at all costs, so, if you find a nest on your property you should contact our Warrington bumble bee removal experts as soon as possible.

What are tree bumble bees?

Tree bumble bees have travelled from mainland Europe to our island, colonising the South of England and gradually moving northwards through the country. They are easily distinguished from our native bumble bees due to their colouring, they are, for instance the only species with a orange thorax (middle of the bee) and white tail. They also have black head, although this is common for a bumble bee. If you think that you have a tree bumble bee nest on your property, but are unsure, call us. We can help you with identification and discuss whether or not bumble bee nest removal is essential.

Where do they build nests?

The tree bumble bee are spotted mostly in urban areas, so are more than likely to nest in a garden than in any other open space. They prefer to nest within a hole in a tree but they have been known to build their nest in bird boxes, often forcing nesting birds out to do so.The aggressive nature of the bumble bee means that they will pro-actively defend their nest, as such it is wise to keep away from any nest that you find. You might think that it would be easy to remove a bird box with nesting bumble bees in, but believe us, the stings are not worth it. Please leave your Warrington bumble bee removal to the professionals, we have protective clothing and the knowledge to enable us to remove a nest quickly and efficiently.

Bumble bee control is about not just about protecting you and your family from stings, often bees can nest in inconvenient places. Nests have been recorded in air vents, wall cavities, roof soffits and on porches. If you need assistance with a troublesome nest, call us today.